Singing Bowls Creating a contemplative and soothing sound, Tibetan singing bowls are used for meditation, holistic healing, balancing of the body's chakras, reiki, relaxation, stress reduction or simply as wonderful piece of art. It is believed that mantras chanted during the making of a singing bowl are released into the universe when the bowl is played. Traditionally used for meditation, their sound can mark the beginning or end of a meditation period. They can be played during meditation to focus the mind. Singing Bowls are also commonly used for chakra healing, balancing the energy centers of the body.

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Gulpa Singing Bowls are one of a kind singing bowl with distinct design using hand casting process. Gulpa singing bowl looks similar to the singing bowl that is carried by lord Buddha. These singing bowls are widely popular for meditation, chakra balancing, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, space clearing and feng shui. It produces a very special and distinct sound and vibration than other types of singing bowls.

Hand Hammered Singing Bowls    [View all Products]

This particular bowl is hand crafted using traditional hammer pounding techniques. It is available in either a matte finish or glossy finish.

Carved Singing Bowls    [View all Products]

As the name suggests, these singing bowls are hand carved, with antique finishing, coloring, paintings and engraving with various arts works and designs.

Flat Singing Bowls    [View all Products]

Just as the name suggests, these bowls are flatter and more shallow than traditional singing bowls. They are typically hand-casted with multiple metals, including brass and bronze. Like the machine-lathed bowls, they are often adorned with etchings and engravings for a specific purpose.

Deep Tone Singing Bowls    [View all Products]

These singing bowls are also differentiated by their shape, which is not as round, but rather taller and deeper. Just as with all other singing bowl, the deep tone singing bowls are made with multiple metals and can feature various designs.

Japanese Singing Bowls    [View all Products]

Also known as Rin Gongs, these bowls are traditionally used in Japanese temples. Japanese singing bowls are a mainstay of Zen meditation. Its got smooth sound, very relaxing with no shrill overtones.

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