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Aquarius Herbal Incense

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Directions : Light one stick of Aquarius Herbal Incense and inhale directly for few times then use as normal incense. Enjoy the aroma.
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About the product

Herb for Aquarius : Artemisia

Ingredients : Artemisia vulgaris, juniper berry and a proprietary blend of Tibetan herbs boosted with Artemisia oil.

Contains 37 sticks and comes with an incense burner.

About Zodiac Sign Herbal Incense

Our zodiac herbal incense are based on the ancient recipes. It is believed that all our senses such as sight, sound, taste, touch and smell are harmoniously related as an integral parts of our being. Each carefully selected Zodiac incense corresponds with an individual's nature as determined by their sign of the zodiac. The blend of the herbs and the essential oil provides a relaxing effect for both mind and body. It acts as an anti-depressant product and gives a soothing effect.

Tibetan herbal incense is hand rolled from natural herbal ingredients. All the incense are made without perfumes, glues, dyes or bamboo sticks. Masalas or mixtures of herbs, plants, flowers, leaves, grass, wood, bark, spices and minerals are blended in strict accordance to make these incense. When burned, Tibetan herbal incense produces a rich, earthy, and pure aroma which can help soothe and calm a restless mind. It is widely used to purify the environment and as an aid for meditation and relaxation. In Tibetan medicine, it is often used to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety.

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