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Avalokiteswara | Sahasrabhuja

Code TON_10581
Weight 5000 Grams
Size 45cm
Material Copper
Availablity Available
Minimum Qty 1
Price 1,800 SGD
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About the product

This statue is made using a process of loss wax method.

About Avalokiteshvara

Of all the deities in Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara also known as Chenrezig is one of the most celebrated. He is the lord endowed with complete illumination, who refrains from entering the blissful state of nirvana to remain here below and save the creatures of the earth. This devotion to the salvation of others emphasizes the profound compassion this bodhisattva represents.

We have a huge collection of Nepali handmade statues in this category. These statues are made up of copper, brass or bronze and are finished in various styles like gold plating, partly gold plating, oxidized or bronze finishing. The majority of the statues you see with us are handmade by the process of loss wax system, which is considered to be the ancient process of making the statue in Nepal.

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